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Haná Farmhouse Environmental Centre

The Guide to the Haná Farmhouse Environmental Centre

The replica of the turn‑of‑the‑19th‑and‑20th‑century farmhouse was built in June 2011. In its construction, some traditional building materials were used, such as reed for the farm’s roof, clay plaster for the interior. Find a shed, a dovecote, rabbit hutches, a dung hole, and a period earth‑closet in the courtyard. Look at agricultural machines and tools under the little roof. From the courtyard, enter the retired farmer’s home – a room and a kitchen. Through the second entrance, explore other farmhouse areas – a kitchen, a room, a smoke kitchen, and a larder. The equipment and furnishings of the farmhouse are period. The stove is built from period tiles and is working.

The Environmental Centre

Having seen the farmhouse, you will find yourselves in the environmental centre with the following themed exhibitions:

  • WATER – information boards tell visitors about organisms living in water and its surroundings, principles of cleaning sewerage water and water treatment in order to gain drinking water, various options of protecting water and the water cycle in nature.
  • LAND – on display in the barn, there are old agricultural machines, in the showcases there are some of the traditional crops and products made from them. On the ground floor of the barn, the exhibition focuses on the issue of land and life within it. The information boards will help visitors learn about organisms living in land, land cultivation in the past and now, or the current problems with agricultural land.

BIOLOGICAL BUILDINGS – another topic in the barn concerns biological buildings

Use the lift or the staircase to get to the mezzanine floor (above the farmhouse) and learn something about the following topics:

  • MAN USES ANIMALS – livestock and its products, using domestic animals in various fields of human activities, the process of domestication…
  • ANIMALS LIVING CLOSE TO MAN – getting to know creatures living in our homes without our explicit invitation (mice, rats, swallows, pigeons, moths, spiders, flies and many more). There is also a children’s area.

The barn’s top floor is dedicated to the following themes:

  • LANDSCAPE AND BIOMASS – focuses on the comparison of current and former landscape in the CR, landscape protection and the use of biomass as an alternative energy source.
  • AIR AND CLIMATE – informs about the issue of polluted air, sustainable and unsustainable energy sources.

In the basement (use the lift or staircase), there is a terrarium – aquarium and information on Vyškov region nature.

Please note that there are CCTV cameras in operation on the entire premises.