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Basic informations for visitors

s as well.ZOO PARK Vyškov originated in 1965. It is directed to breeding of primitive and exotic species of domestic and farm animals. At present we breed about 461 animals of 140 species or breeds. We would like to show children and adult visitors that a cow is not a violet monster from TV with a notice Milka on its back, that an egg is not artificially produced in a factory but it has its natural origin in a hen's body and many more facts that are almost a mystery from children in our dehumanization days.

DinoPark is built just outsider the town and it reminds of the real Mesozoic era. DinoPark is a unique theme park where you can see about 70 static and movable life‑sized prehistoric saurians. These models are very intricate robotic equipments controlled by an air conditioning and a system of computers. Dinosaurs gathered in groups show probable scenes from their lives more than 65 million years ago.

There are benches for tired and a small snack‑bar for hungering in the park. There is our obliging staff for you in case of any problem. Our passenger transport and all ZOO PARK and DinoPark areas are efficient for parents with baby buggies and for immobile visitors.

Tourist attractions

Offer of ZOO PARK:

  • Exhibitions Africa, Asia, South America with interesting farm animals from these continents.
  • Our Granny's farmyard ‑ area where you can touch the animals.
  • Domestic poultry and game bird pavilion ‑ how interesting and nice can the common hens be?
  • Siberian cat exposition ‑ it shows their lives at home and outdoors as well.
  • Water fowls, parrots, birds of prey, sub ungulates ‑ big and small ruminants, pigs, camels, horses, lemurs, beasts of prey …
  • Centrum for environmental education ‑ Hana Region farm

Offer of DinoPark:

  • Model of Liopleurodon and Polacanthus
  • 4D cinema projection of the Triceratops film
  • Natural trail and a paleontological playground for the smallest visitors.
  • The Mesozoic plant Volemia Nobilis that became extinct some 175 million years ago.

Other services

ZOO facilities:

  • Hotel with a restaurant and bowling.
  • 2x fast food locations.
  • Toilets and a baby changing facility.
  • Souvenir shop.
  • Different stopping places and attractions for children.v
  • Interactive and creative educative boards.
  • Children's playground.
  • Car parking in front of the ZOO entrance.
  • Transport from ZOO to DinoPark and back by special DinoExpress.

DinoPark facilities:

  • Toilets and a baby changing facility.
  • DinoGril ‑ fast food with a garden for 60 visitors.
  • DinoCafé ‑ fast food.
  • DinoShop ‑ souvenir shop

Barrier free access

The ZOO PARK and the DinoPark (including transport) are without barriers.


ZOO PARK and DinoPark
Vyškov Allowance organization
Founder: Vyškov
The Czech Republic
Cukrovarská 424/9; 682 01 Vyškov

For more information in English you can call the number +420 776 419 752.
web: www.zoo‑


Tickets are sold at the main entrance. More information about locations of various attractions and services can be found in this brochure.

  ZOO Park + DinoPark ZOO Park
  May ‑ September October ‑ April
Adults 320 CZK 100 CZK 80 CZK
Students, seniors 65+ 210 CZK 70 CZK 50 CZK
Children 3 ‑ 15 210 CZK 70 CZK 50 CZK
Children up to age of 3 years Free entry Free entry Free entry
Dogs 20 CZK 20 CZK 20 CZK

Opening hours

Month Open
January, February 9:00 ‑ 16:00
March 9:00 ‑ 17:00
April, May, June 9:00 ‑ 18:00
July, August, September 9:00 ‑ 18:00
October 9:00 ‑ 17:00
November, December 9:00 ‑ 16:00


Parking at the Zoo Park can accommodate up to 140 cars and 3 buses. One hour´s parking is free, all day costs 50 CZK

On arrival at the park, print a parking ticket. The first hour of parking is free, just enclose a ticket at the gate to exit. Payable in cash at a parking meter or automatic cash registers at the ZOO´s entrance by following the instructions on the screen.

In the period from 20:00 to 8:30 parking slot is hidden behind the security bars at the entrance, the exit is therefore free, just enclose the unpaid parking ticket at the gate when leaving. Thank you for your understanding and helpfulness.